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Among the reasons why ice cream is really good for you

If there’s one type of food we can all agree on, it’s ice cream, of course. There are tons of different flavors, and you can add anything from fruit to whipped cream to candy. Plus, this creamy goodness brings people absolute joy and comfort, whether it’s midsummer or winter (don’t pretend you haven’t eaten delicious spoons even if it’s snowing outside).

Yes, the ice cream is the best. The only downside may be that it isn’t exactly the healthiest food to eat. Where is it?

Now we’re not trying to convince you that a Rocky Road Ball is the same thing as a salad or whatever, but it’s healthier than you think.

Here we are going to show you that ice cream contains more than meets the eye and that the sugary indulgence contains more than a few health benefits.


Ice cream can be good for you.
If you’re someone who secretly feels guilty about adding an extra scoop to your sundae now and then, don’t. Of course, all goodies should be eaten in moderation, but there is no reason to believe that ice cream is something you should only have once per blue moon.

As you will see, some ice cream ingredients are good for you!

Eat ice cream every day and lose weight!
If you are wondering if you read it correctly, you did it. According to an article on ABC News, women who ate a scoop of skimmed rice a day (and men who ate one and a half) lost 26 percent more weight than those who didn’t.

Okay, technically it’s not the ice cream itself, but the kick in the frozen dessert. This means that you could take a calcium supplement and would likely see similar results. However, if “ice cream” and “weight loss” can appear in the same sentence, why not try?

Health Benefits 1. Calcium is the key (weight-loss) ingredient
How does soccer make it easier to keep living where you want it to be? Scientists are still exploring this topic, but the basic idea is that eating foods rich in calcium will help keep your body strong and your metabolism running smoothly.

One study also found that by consuming low-fat dairy products you can eat more calories without regaining the weight you’ve already lost.

  1. Ice cream contains vitamins and minerals
    When you eat a spoonful of ice cream, you can be sure to include milk and cream in your diet. These ingredients are excellent sources of calcium, vitamin D, riboflavin, vitamin A, and phosphorus.

Depending on which ice cream flavor you prefer, you may get even more nutrients. Vanilla pods also contain antioxidants and small amounts of calcium, magnesium, manganese, potassium, iron and zinc. Dark chocolate? It’s rich in antioxidants and also contains flavonoids to protect your heart, oleic acid to lower cholesterol, and phytochemicals to fight free radicals.

  1. Ice cream stimulates the brain
    According to a study done at Kyorin University in Tokyo, ice cream for breakfast may be just the thing for stimulating the brain. The researcher compared a group of people who drank ice to a group who drank a glass of cold water in the morning, and those who drank ice were much more alert.

Skeptics say it may not be the ice cream itself as it would eat anything with vitamins and minerals in it. One nutritionist said that ice cream tends to increase the levels of dopamine in the body, which makes us more alert.

  1. Ice cream gives you energy
    Ice cream is also generally loaded with sugar, and sugar can (as most of us know) be an instant source of energy.

As? ‘Or what? Well, sugar contains glucose, a vital nutrient that provides our bodies with the fuel we need to get through the day.

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