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Follow these tips for healthy eating

Many people make New Year’s resolutions when January comes in hopes of keeping them for much of the year. The problem with resolutions is that a lot of people don’t follow them! On the right track for a month, then motivation slowly fades. We’re here to help you start the New Year with tons of health tips and keep them safe until December 31st!

Take care of your health and general wellbeing with these eating habits.


Meal Plan
Meal plans have been shown to keep people updated, especially those with busy schedules. Instead of you and your family grappling with the diary, “What’s for dinner tonight?” Plan all meals for the next week. Go to the grocery store and make sure you have all the groceries you need in the refrigerator and pantry before the work and school week begins. You save time, energy and calories! It’s a plus for everyone!

Adequate hydration can be, if not the most important, part of weight loss. Try to drink 4-6 glasses of water a day, but more is fine. Those who do not drink enough water can feel weak and tired and constantly lack energy. Oh, and in the end they end up eating more or eating a lot and thinking they’re hungry just when they’re thirsty. Buy a reusable water bottle and put reminders on your phone to drink … your body will thank you later!

Rainbows aren’t just in the sky, they should be included in your diet too! What do we mean exactly? The daily food intake should be of different colors, preferably green, orange, red, blue / purple and yellow. Foods in these dyes contain the most nutrients and fiber and can potentially protect against disease and cancer. Always remember … color is better!

Enjoying what you put into your body is just as important as eating healthy and nutritious foods. Many dieters and exercise freaks steer clear of this last tip, but it’s important! Those who don’t like what they eat will undoubtedly fail and start over. Appreciate, Appreciate, Appreciate … you will be happy and healthy at the same time!

If all of these tips seem like a bargain to you, start slowly and try them out one by one. Small changes mean big results.

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