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Food, delicious food!

I believe you will concur with me. When we think of successful and wealthy people, one of the first things that comes to mind is that they can afford to eat whatever they want. I’m thinking of caviar, foie gras, and other high-end or exotic meals. Even if such meals do not appeal to you, you would imagine them being able to eat anything they want, whenever they want. Not necessarily all at once, but to be able to devour them whenever the want strikes, simply because they can.

Consider it: anything you want to eat, you can order it without giving it a second thought as to how much it will cost. Carl’s Jr. burgers, huge delicious waggu beef steaks, and Swensen’s Earthquake ice cream are just a few of the things that come to me when I think of Carl’s Jr. As I already stated, not all of them at once, but whenever the want strikes. That would be fantastic, wouldn’t it?


Of course, eating thoughts frequently lead to questions about whether a specific item is healthful or not. That would elicit a heated discussion on what to eat. And the old adage holds true: “Healthy foods aren’t nice; nice foods aren’t healthy.” That’s how I deal with it: eat in moderation. Even unhealthy meals can be enjoyed in modest amounts and at irregular times.

However, I am a more adventurous eater. I enjoy having the option to try new foods. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but it shouldn’t be the meals you regularly eat. But I’m not interested in participating in Fear Factor. No way, no how! What I want to do is consume dishes that are delicacies that people from all around the world eat. However, these are not the type we regularly eat. I’m not going to name any of them because I’m concerned some of my readers won’t be able to handle them. But I think you get the notion of what I’m talking about.

A close approximation would be foie gras. While supporters would enjoy the taste and texture of this, opponents would recoil at the prospect of eating the ‘liver of specially fattened geese or ducks.’ I’ll give it a shot, even though I don’t think I’ll like it. That’s what I mean when I say I’m daring. I’d even go so far as to say I’ll give it a shot even if there’s a chance I’ll become sick. But not if I believe it will cause me harm or death. I’m daring, but not reckless.

So, what exactly is caviar or foie gras, if you think about it? Caviar is a type of fish roe, or eggs. As previously established, foie gras is the liver of geese or ducks. Would you like to eat the roe of a fish? you might ask. Would you like to eat the liver of a goose? There aren’t likely to be many takers. However, if you asked, Would you like some caviar? Would you like to try foie gras? or Would you like to try foie gras? I’m sure you’d get a far better reaction. Why? This is due to the fact that these titles are not straightforward descriptions of the things. In fact, they have a mysterious ring to them. They have a mysterious aura about them.

South Africa launched a global commercial wooing campaign in 1994, when apartheid was abolished, ending decades of isolation. I learned of a trade expo in my nation where companies were attempting to market their wares. “Worms” was one of the items that drew my interest. I couldn’t understand why someone would eat worms at the time. I was curious, so I went down to find out.

There were various stalls at the trade fair selling South African products. I was expecting a stall selling worms, but there was none. Then I noticed that the master of ceremony (MC) was attempting to get a young man to eat a worm on the stage. The young man was attempting to stay away from it. I don’t recall if he finished it or not. After the show, I went up to the stage and asked the MC if he still had some worm. He took a twig and stated that there should be one in it. There was a large juicy grub worm inside when he cracked it open. I tested it after he gave it to me.

It had a caramel-like texture and a buttery flavor. It didn’t taste fantastic, and there wasn’t much of a taste to begin with. But it was better than expected for something that looked so squirmy.

After that incident, I began to have a different attitude toward worms. Please don’t misunderstand me. No matter where I find a worm, I’m not going to eat it. As I already stated, I will eat things that are consumed by some people in some places, either as food or as a delicacy. I ate a plump, juicy grub worm as an example. I heard that in a village in Thailand’s far north, they sell a variety of delicious worms. I’d like to go there and try some someday. I’m not predicting that I’ll enjoy it. But it’s an adventure for me.

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