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Gourmet kitchen: “Assembly required”

Which famous chef will I see easily, right? Some of them are not even officially trained. And we figured the hell I can make it this weekend, no problem. But to continue, here’s what you’ll need to create your own magical gourmet pasture:

Kitchen gadgets were a must: a multi-purpose KitchenAid with multiple accessories and trays; (I don’t make fluffy meringue or whipped cream with a fork.) Food processor (for homemade breadcrumbs, pesto, mayonnaise, salad dressings, and grated cheese); Unlimited food budget: seafood, premium meats, French wines, imported cheeses, baked chocolate, Madagascar vanilla extract, organic fruits and vegetables, and premium premium olive oils that are not cheap;


Baking pans: Flawless baking pans, removable muffin pans and pans, muffin pans, biscuit and bread pans, menu parchment, rolling pin, baking pan, marble top, butcher board and additional shelves;

Kitchen linen: pots (3 sizes), pots, roasting pans, Dutch ovens, pasta kettles, bain marie, various pots with lids;

Gratula, whisk (three sizes), corkscrew (preferably automatic), sharp knife (at least five for various jobs), high quality rubber spatula (at least two), wooden spoon, reamer, measuring cup, ice cream spoon, ice cream squeezer, bowls of various sizes;

Complete spice rack and fresh aromatic herbs from your garden (or a small greenhouse window in your kitchen), sauces, mustard, mortar, coffee grinder, pepper grinder;

All right, you can jump to the restaurant oven and hob and I’ll go to the normal one on my own, but it won’t be the same. And give away the microwave. No self-respecting gourmet chef has thought about using it. (Have you ever seen Martha Stewart or Ina Garten in the kitchens?)

Okay, so now you have the tools, but the real challenge is yet to come: assembly.

The chicken dish looked simple and chicken is a breeze. In the supermarket you can buy thighs and breasts, artichoke hearts, organic bone broth, sea salt, Dijon mustard, Gruyere cheese, peppercorns, panko crumbs (nobody will guess they are not homemade), capers, unsalted donkey, 2 lemons, fresh ones Thyme, extra virgin olive oil and white wine. (Three bottles to be sure). Wow, that had an impact on the monthly feed budget which is special.

The new food processor and the Dutch oven are washed and ready to use. I installed a whisk, juicer, wooden spoon, cutting board, measuring cup, colander, knife, teaspoon, spoon, and meat fork. Prepare the chicken as directed, carefully place the breaded part in the Dutch oven, rich in donkey melt and olive oil, and fry lightly. Wow this is very easy, why didn’t you do it years ago? Drain the artichoke hearts, squeeze the lemons and grate the Gruyere cheese in the food processor. These chicken parts seem to brown too quickly, better turn down the heat on the stove. Then smoke the paddle with white wine (try it first to make sure it’s good quality – chefs always say never to cook with a wine you don’t drink). Add the rest of the ingredient (drain and capers?), Sprinkle with cheese, cover and bake in the oven for 45 minutes. The chicken sows a little too brown, the sauce will devour it. Maybe just a little wine.

Make a simple green salad (thank god for the pre-packaged salad and bottled dressing, it will be your little secret). Her husband is now at home and when you are sitting at the kitchen table and discovering his day. You join him and open the second bottle of wine (the good thing is you bought 3). They say there is good abundance and all of your ambitions. That’s a nice surprise. (Tell yourself if I treat chicken and frozen peas from the grocery store.) Comment on the complexity of the food processor and ask if it will be difficult to wash. (I hope he volunteers.) And all these utensils in the sink. You must have worked hard. The wine bottle is empty, but you have a third one. In addition, there’s a bottle of Merlot in the pantry. (It doesn’t go with Chicken, but it’s still there as a back-up.)

When the timer expires, turn off the oven and let the chicken rest (or as the cooks say, “rest”). It smells good. You will leave cleaning for later. Comes from the Dutch oven, the aroma is amazing, the chicken a little too brown, but add some flour to thicken the sauce (was it in the recipe?). Put some store-bought muffins in a basket (but they are not hot, but no longer in the microwave), mix the salad and damage it. Food is served.

Open the third bottle of wine (no crystal glasses, but juice glasses will do) and you will be proud of your delicious and perfect gourmet dinner for two. Okay the chicken is a little over the top and you should have drained the capers and maybe a little too much wine and lemon juice, but pretty impressive for a first try.

Let’s skip the table setting and go straight to the TV trays because you’re still a novice. Rome wasn’t created in a day, after all.

God, it sure was a lot of work and the cleaning was overwhelming. When all is said and done, maybe go out for dinner next weekend and have someone cook. (It gets cheaper and you don’t have to clean it). Or microwave some lean kitchens first (you couldn’t really part with them, you put them in a closet). Perhaps you are planning a flea market that will discourage the neighbors from equipping their gourmet kitchens. Come and get it, friends: very cheap. But “some assembly is required”.

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