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Pineapple is the golden fruit of nature, it has to be yours too

Pineapples have earned a place at the top of the tropical food chain, so to speak. It’s beautiful, incredibly healthy, super cute, and the epitome of heaven! While watermelon, papaya and coconut make their home in the Holiday Fruit Hall of Fame, pineapple remains the reigning champion. Enough of this swarm of prickly pineapples. Let’s see why pineapple should be part of your diet.


For Them Eyes
According to medical experts, eating pineapple can benefit your eyes. As people get older, they become more prone to certain diseases, and macular degeneration is one of them. A regular serving of pineapple can slow down and even prevent this degeneration. Let’s hear it for the pineapple folks!

For Your Tum-Tum
Few delicious foods work wonders for our stomachs. However, pineapple has great benefits for our digestive systems (and, of course, our taste buds). Pineapples are high in fiber that will help you keep going. They also help break down protein, which means it’s easier for you than walking away.

For Inflammation
Everyone knows that a person’s true self is usually hidden deep within. Well, pineapples are not people, but they are similar in that particular way. Because its core contains large amounts of bromelain, healers have been extracting this enzyme for centuries to help fight various diseases. Inflammation is one of the many problems pineapples can fight.

For Blood Clots
Researchers have found that the secret weapon of pineapple, bromelain, can reduce the risk of blood clots. I don’t know if you noticed, but that’s why many frequent travelers bring this fruit back as a snack on long flights. This is the ideal companion for a long trip.

For Your Immune System
Did I mention how beneficial pineapple is to health? One of the most important benefits of this fruit is in strengthening and protecting your immune system. Because it is high in vitamin C, it is one of the most effective foods against viruses. What do you all think Pineapple for victory? I say yes!

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