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Say hello to the superfood, Yuca

Welcome to Yuca,

There is currently a growing global health movement. People are more health conscious and are looking for alternatives to traditional eating habits. The realization that there are many different superfoods that are practically untouched by the average population has sparked the desire to experiment and try out new, exotic foods. Many of these superfoods were imported from South America, Asia, and Africa. Indigenous peoples thrived on earth and supported huge civilizations through the use of superfoods. One is gaining momentum, particularly in North America.

On the right is the root Yuca (name Quechua spoken in Peru). This root has many different names depending on where it is geographically: manioc, manioc, manioc, manioc root, manioc and tapioca. It is currently an indispensable tuber in the Caribbean diet.

Yucca is a perennial herb found in tropical climates. In Africa, Asia and South America it is used as an important source of food. Indigenous peoples use it with other starches such as yams, taro, bananas, and potatoes. Although little known outside of the tropics, it accounts for around 30% of global root production. Recently popular in America is tapioca. By grinding the yucca root into small powder balls, tapioca balls are created that can be enjoyed in boba teas and various drinks.

To clear any dispute, YUCA and YUCCA are two very different plants. Yucca is the root while yucca is a thicket.

Why this sudden interest?

As the world connects more and more, people can reap the benefits of fruits and vegetables that were once inaccessible. Not so long ago, the yucca would have been practically intangible if it hadn’t been born in the tropics. But now people all over the world can benefit from it.

The general population also has access to an endless amount of new information. This opens up new opportunities to integrate into everyday life. Before he would have gone into a grocery store unable to decipher what that long brown root was. With a quick Google search, information is now at your fingertips. The recipes for this root are endless. You can explore and diversify your diet with endless recipes.

The energy it delivers is amazing!

We paid a visit to a native family in Peru, South America. They were the most welcoming, humble, and hardworking family I’d ever met. It is fairly normal in many cultures around the world for large families to live together. In a household, you can have your mother, father, grandparents, great-grandparents, children, and grandchildren. It is very common to take in family members and live with a large family. What we saw in this family is that they all worked amazingly. Even the great grandparents worked together to help out with the house. Although the activities in which they participated were more limited than those of the younger generations, it was amazing how nimble and energetic these men and women were.

I remember once wondering how at their age they found the energy to work so hard.

With a smile the elderly lady said: “Eat well.

That was it, a simple explanation. “Eating well” means “eating well”. These families eat fresh and powerful superfoods every day. Yucca root is just an addition to other superfoods that Peruvians have enjoyed for centuries.

How is it possible that this simple answer: good food can lead to a long and healthy life?

I thought of the United States, where much of our older generation is forced to live in retirement homes or never to be great-grandparents. These older generations thrive in Peru and are held in high regard. Their continued activity and nutritious diet help them excel in life.

Processed vs. natural

Now comes the inevitable truth that many obese populations hate to admit. You are what you eat. What we are now seeing in the people of Peru is that most families have a diet that consists of fresh grains, fruits, and vegetables bought at local outdoor markets. These families supply their bodies with natural, unprocessed ingredients. A meal is prepared from scratch and all meals are considered family events. They all eat together and eat the same thing. There is little enjoyment, because the quality of the food creates a feeling of satisfaction and fulfillment. There is no need for an after-dinner cookie as there is no sugar addiction like there is in the United States. As the food is unprocessed, there are no added sugar or preservatives in the food. Your bodies work like a well-oiled machine, not a cravings-fueled machine. Imagine how strong your body would feel if you energized it with whole foods, superfoods! Can you imagine how strong you would feel? No lack of energy, no craving for chips or cream puffs. Slowly adding superfoods like yucca to your diet can show you how strong you can feel. It only takes one small step that leads to endless healthy choices.

Don’t be afraid to try cassava. Your body will thank you!

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