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These foods should be avoided to get rid of belly fat

Belly fat is among the most hardest areas to lose. We all wish it was as easy as making muffins to lose the lid. We’ve heard it all before, it’s diet and cardio. However, there are a few things that you should seriously avoid in order to reduce those extra inches. Yes, it’s about balance, but how much about a healthy lifestyle. These foods should be limited as they make a huge difference to your stomach, but we strongly believe in moderation.


This delicious carbohydrate is one of the worst for belly fat. Studies have shown that by combining potato chips and regular potatoes, potatoes contribute to a staggering average weight gain of 2.97 pounds. Potatoes are starchy carbohydrates that turn into sugar when the body processes them. This generally tells your body to store sugar, which results in fat. Just a small stomach in an emergency. One study showed that people on a carbohydrate limiting diet lost 10 pounds more than those who did not limit the group of delicious foods.

Sweets and Soda
These two are just trouble, delicious, but trouble. Not only do candy and soda provide no nutritional value or benefit to your body, but they are also broken down into gas by the body’s processes. With this gas you will feel heavy, bloated and even bigger. There are great gourmet alternatives – fruit is one suggestion.

High Sodium Foods
It works both ways and has caused a lot of controversy among professionals. Salt causes the body to produce more water, which in turn can stimulate weight loss. On the other hand, studies have shown that people crave more food and have warmer appetites. Salt, for whatever reason, motivates people to keep eating even after they have been filled. So beware of the ladies and gentlemen of salt.

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